Sunday, February 24, 2013

Doers of the Work


We have been so impressed with all the missionaries in the Vanuatu, Port Vila Mission.  I'm sure they are exactly like all the missionaries in the other 404 missions throughout the world.   Our mission President, who now is 65 years old, has always dedicated his time and energy to helping others know of Jesus Christ.  He talks of things that matter most, he does not waste time, he works from early in the mornings til late at night, day in and day out.  Eight months ago, this mission was created.  In that time, there has been enormous improvements.  Today, there is a clear boundary between what local members are expected to do, and what the mission personel are do to.  Members, with their own money,  do much more to get ready to go on missions and prepare themselves to be able to go to the temple.  Members know that it is they that must learn to teach others, and it is they that must become the leaders of this church, not missionaries who come and go.  For the first time, there are disciplinary councils that enforce the Lord's commandments, even though there are some differences between local customs, like getting married and living the word of wisdom.  Pres. Brewer has met with the main chief of Santo, and explained the Lords way of living, verses some of their customs. 

Sister Chynoweth - Office

We now have 10 senior couples serving in the Vanuatu, Port Vila Mission.  Some in New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and here in Port Vila take care of all the office work.  This work includes not only paying bills and getting funds to missionaries, but it includes getting visa approvals for every person coming into this country and every future missionary going out of this country.  They also purchase air plane tickets for missionaries going from Island to Island.  Transfer days, in the office is a very difficult time.  They pay and control telephones for each missionary companionship, which is not easy, when you have missionaries that must follow mission rules with respect to talking to each other and family members.  The office couple assists missionaries to complete new membership records for each person that is baptized.

                                                                 Elder Chynoweth - Office

There are two couples that work with membership leader support.  One couple works mostly with the Young Single Adults throughout this District and other couple works with supporting the branch presidencies and auxillary leaders.  Each senior couple, has been assigned to attend one of the six branchs in the Port Vila area.  In the near future, two senior couples will be invited to serve on the outer Islands. 

                                                     Elder and Sister Jolley - MLS

Some of the most enjoyable missionary work, is done through education and humanitarian assistance.  We have two senior couples, one on Santo, and the other here in Port Vila that work with education.  The church policy is to encourage members to get as much education as possible.  In Vanuatu, children go to school through the sixth grade, after which they must pay their own tuition to continue through high school.  The church has a program, that allows the member to have their tuition paid, if they are attending and involved in the branch and seminary programs.  The perpetual education funds are now available, together with grants that allow qualified members to continue their education in universities and trade schools.  Senior couples teach each person what they must do to qualify and request funds, that will be paid directly to the school they will be attending.

Elder and Sister Hinton - Humanitarian

Humanitarian missionaries work out of their own apartment here in Port Vila.  They look for and obtain approval to install large water tanks in communities on the outer Islands.  They work with members and non members to insure the community has the knowledge to maintain the new water systems.  Local people assist to construct, and pay for transportation of the water tanks.  These missionaries also supply hundreds of wheel chairs to needy people, through the local hospitals and health clinics.  They supply paper and equipment to local schools. 

Elder and Sister Larsen - PEF

Finally, the Auditing couples, teach branch members how to account for the Lords funds, by working with each Branch President, his clerk, and District President.  They work out of their appartment in Port Vila, and travel to every Island in the mission, on a regular basis.

Sister Wallace- Nurse
Of course, my favorite missionary is the mission nurse, Sister Wallace, who is my eternal sweetheart.  She receives phone calls from sick missionaries, at all times of the day and night, and offers solutions ranging from going to the hospital, a clinic, or simply a kind word from their mission mother. 
These missionaries are all doers of the Work of the Lord.  The fact that they are here, is a testiment of their faith and works.  They not only have left their family and home, they continue to leave the comfort of their apartment, evey day, just like the mission President, to do the Lord's work, some for 18 months, others for 23 months.  In the process, their marriages are celestialized, and they get to better understand the Lord, as they see and feel His guidance on a regular basis.  It is a pleasure to work and learn from each one of them.  

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  1. My daughter has been called to this mission. She leaves for the MTC on May 29th. She has been assigned as the mission nurse. I wonder if she will be working along side your sister? We are so excited for her adventure. This looks to be both challenging and exciting!